Wednesday, December 21, 2005

La tigre e la neve and Classic interview availability issues

The La tigre e la neve soundtrack is no longer available at

The Classic Interview release had the same status a few days ago, but now it can be ordered again. This item is also available at


Anonymous said...

Love your site and all the current information yo get is top notch. Please keep us up on any news of a tour. Tickets would sell quickly and I don't want to miss out.

Anonymous said...

That interview disc, I myself tried ordering it. After about a week, they say they don't actually have it in stock, and sorry for the etc etc.

Quite lame.


I received a copy of the interview disc but they cancelled the soundtrack order. The interviews are a nice addition to my Waits collection.

Anonymous said...

My interview CD arrived, too. I wrapped it up for myself for Christmas and only just started listening. Great insights into Real Gone etc.!

waitsallthetime said...

Hi, I ordered my Soundtrack here:
It's cheap (price is in CHF not Euro and shipping is free!) and really available - I listen to the music in this moment. Great soundtrack, not only the songs from Mr. Tom Waits.