Monday, December 19, 2005


The incomparable Sarah V. will be webcasting several hours of Tom Waits music on during the next few days.
The schedule:
Monday Dec. 19th: 9 p.m. - midnight EST
Wednesday Dec. 21st: 9 p.m - midnight EST
Saturday Dec. 24th: Noon - 3 p.m EST
Sunday Dec. 25th: 6 p.m - midnight EST
Monday Dec. 26th: 9 p.m - midnight EST


Anonymous said...

"Several hours" may be an understatement :-)

Requests and dedications are always accepted, just come into the chat room and ask (click the "chat" button on the home page). I will be in the chat room for all eighteen of those hours and then some... come say hello!

Incomparably yours,

Sarah V.


Loved the show on Wednesday, lots of nice live material. Thanks