Monday, April 24, 2006

LA Daily News interview

The Los Angeles Daily News has published an interview with Tom Waits, in which he says we can expect the ,,new album'' somewhere in the fall.

Here is his response to the question ,,How goes the new album?'':
,,We're doing a thing called "Orphans", a lot of songs that fell behind the stove while making dinner, about 60 tunes that we collected. Some are from films, some from compilations. Some is stuff that didn't fit onto a record, things I recorded in the garage with the kids. Oddball things, orphaned tunes. I think that's going to come out in the fall sometime.''

You can find the entire article at the Tom Waits Supplement.

UPDATE: The LA Daily news has the article on its site as well. (thanks to TribalDrum2412)


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60 gems behind the stove - I cant wait - hope orphans is a box set or a least this release is orphans Volume 1. There are real classics on Tales and Cold beer on a hot night.

Anonymous said...

its great to hear this is really going to happen. now all we need is a tour!