Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Charlie Musselwhite on Orphans

In an interview with Paul Jones, broadcasted on station the BBC's Radio 2 on June 15th, Charlie Musselwhite mentioned he has collaborated on the upcoming Orphans release, which according to Musselwhite will be a 3 cd box set.

(thanks to Máquina de Huesos)


Anonymous said...

I may be a fool but this sounds like it means either Tom's cooked up a new song or so for the fancy release that Charlie plays on, or that they're just mentioning some of the old tracks being placed upon the box set will feature him, which seems sort of odd to mention.

Then again I'm just hoping for the former, that Tom's written/recorded a new song just for the set, something that a number of artists have done to promote their career spanning rarities box sets in the past.

We can cross them bony fingers.

Anonymous said... now has October 23rd (Tom Waits: Orphans (3-disc set)for the release date.

Anonymous said...

happy halloween