Friday, July 28, 2006

Billy's Band

I neglected to post this when is was news (although several people did point this out to me), but better late than never: Russian band Billy's Band has an album with Tom Waits covers called Being Tom Waits / Игры в ТомаУэйтса.

The album is ,,a sound-track to the cognominal theatrical performance' of the band'' and also contains songs dated back to the band’s ,,Waits period'', a time of ,,extreme despair'', as the leadsinger calls it. The coming concert will be of the same lyric coloring as the album. The distribution is in the hands of the band itself, which means the cd can only be bought at their concerts, although seems to sell the album on line. The band itself has their rap version of The one that got away (mp3) on line.


Anonymous said...

Not a bad effort overall, but I wouldn't say Wait's songs are particularly well covered. Perhaps it's due to the terrible Russian accent of Billy (and I don't mind Russians, I am Russian myself), but I thought the songs in Russian on that album sound much more interesting than English ones. There are a few of those, and they are definitelly great, Waitsian.
Cover of Nick Cave's Stagger Lee is also there

Anonymous said...

I like this album very much. It is not Waits, sure but it sounds great. The russian accent is their style.

Anonymous said...

I'll be damned if these guys weren't playing Chocolate Jesus in a street corner in the center of Helsinki some three years ago.