Friday, July 28, 2006

Cover update

  • Stunned Parrots (picture) cover Downtown train on their album Pining for the fjords.

  • Madeleine Peyroux covers The heart of Saturday night on her album Half the perfect world.

  • Betsy Spivak covers Ol '55 (mp3 clip) on her album The scratch on my vinyl soul.

  • Drongomala covers Jesus gonna be here (mp3 clip) on their album 100 fields (due to be released late 2006).

  • 2 Blues Shoes cover Invitation to the blues and Temptation (mp3) on their album 2 Blue Shoes on 2er.

    Anonymous said...

    Outl4w covers "I Don´t Wanna Grow Up" on their album "Get In The Van"

    Seth Walker covers Picture In A Frame

    B said...

    String Cheese Incident covers Heart of Saturday night as well, and does a samn fine job with it.

    Anonymous said...

    Polish blues singer Magda Piskorczyk does a pretty credible cover of temptation on her new album,blues travelling..seems like there's a lot of female vocalists who like to cover that particular track.

    B said...

    Of course I meant to say 'DAMN' fine job of it in the above comment.

    You can hear their version here. Just click on the song title in the player.

    Anonymous said...

    FYI - Menphis TN show has just released some additional seats. Orchestra.

    Anonymous said...

    Bomb The Music Industry covers Anywhere I Lay My Head

    Julain Molnar covers Blue Valentines

    Anonymous said...

    A group called Moshav covers "Jockey Full of Burboun" on their upcoming record... dont get your hopes up, its quite a lame cover, but a cover none the less.. really no justice done to the song at all... too bad

    Anonymous said...

    Troubadours Of Divine Bliss - Shiver Me Timbers

    Album: Off The Cuff (2006)