Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Orphans tour - ticket trades and face value sales

JJ has kindly set up a forum for Waits fans to trade or sell (at face value only) tickets to the Orphans tour without having to resort to eBay or similar sites. This forum is for fans only and only face value sales are permitted!

Atlanta is the only concert that has gone on sale so far, the rest are going on sale Friday and Saturday. If you don't get a ticket or end up with extras, head over to the Tom Waits Fan Forums and strike a fair deal with another Waits fan.


Anonymous said...

A great plan to trade tickets fairly, but I thought there would only be will-call tickets for this tour (no physical tickets) and that only the purchaser would be given admission the evening of the show (also a great idea, Mr. Waits). How can fans sell or trade their tickets under these conditions?

Anonymous said...

I am really thrilled that a limit is being set on the number of tickets bought per transaction. That is a real plus for the real fans. I do believe Tom is smiling down on us.

I'm sorry I live half a world away, but I'm happy for the rest of you. :-(

Anonymous said...

Two questions:

Are all the ticketmaster times eastern standard time? I would hate to order tickets at 10am central time to find out I'm an hour late.

And how am I suppose to get tickets to Memphis, Louisville, Detriot, and Akron when they all go on sale at the exact same time?

Anonymous said...

I have 1 extra ticket for Detroit. It is 20th row, main floor. It is a will call ticket and I am going alone, so I can meet someone the night of the show. Of course I'll give it away for face value.
Please email me at demetterr@ae.com if you're interested.
- Bob

Anonymous said...

Apparently not all the tickets are Will Call. My initial understanding was that most tickets would be, but that's not the case. Scalpers are all over eBay and other resell sites going for the usual gouging prices. Very disappointing. I was on Ticketbastard the second tix went on sale for Nashville, and there was nothing. Nada. Zippo.

Anonymous said...

I have an extra ticket for the Louisville show. Orch 3, Row K, seat 9 or 10. At cost $65.00. I'll escort you in. cell 845 248 1182 Jerry