Saturday, August 12, 2006

Blog notes

Setlists for Asheville, Nashville and Chicago are pretty much definite.

And a big thanks to all you visitors. So far, August has been a busy month with an average of over 2,000 unique visitors according to my counter, with a new record of 3,307 the day before yesterday. Quite a lot of people are not only passing by, but a lot of you are helping with the setlists etc, which I appreciate very much. Not to mention the many kind words in the comments and in my mailbox.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for having this site. It's nice to be able to check up on the other shows on this tour. I feel fortunate I was able to see both Atlanta and Asheville. I'm the one who was interviewed in the Citizen Times review. I had bought my ticket that day from a friend and just by chance ended up sitting next to the reporter.


Anonymous said...

If it weren't for you and this sight I would have never know Tom was touring and wouldn't have seen him in Louisville. Great job!

Anonymous said...

i second the person who said if it weren't for this blog I wouldn't have known abt the tour -- i don't listen to the radio, don't watch TV, don't check the Tom Waits-related websites -- so, THANK YOU SO MUCH! i am more than just "looking forward to" the Akron show -- more like looking beyond, transcending looking, uber-looking, looking to the nth degree! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all of your hardwork during the excitement of this tour. Have you yourself been to any of the shows? Thanks also for giving the rest of us a forum to connect. Great work!

Anonymous said...

I've got to say being a Tom Waits fan can be a pretty lonely existence. Most people think I'm a fan of John Waite, the "Missing You" guy from the 80s. :)

So THANK YOU for letting us geek out with other similiarly minded folks. I've already put ya in my favorites and will be checking back often.

And another big thank you to the guy or gal who posted his Youtube video of Tom singing "Tom Traubert's Blues" in Nashville. Seriously, you brought a tear to my eye. Cheers indeed!

Anonymous said...

Do you have the link to the YouTube video of "Tom Traubert's Blues" from the Nashville show?


Anonymous said...

All Hail the eyeball kid!
Being a TW fan is very lonely.
It's almost like a dream to see this many dedicated fans.If any of you live in the North Central Florida area, Maybe we could get
together for some drinks or to jam
(musicians).Email is
Thank you again for this awesome blog!

Anonymous said...

Batts, Eyeball Kid has the link on the front of the Nashville setlist.

But I'll also link it here:

Anonymous said...

Juat want to say thank you so much to the one(s) who take care of this blog, the only - and really - updated site about Tom Waits. I look on this site everyday since I have heard of the Orphans tour... So good to see the invisible community of TW's audience... I was in Nashville, but I have followed everything that was going on during the tour thanks to the eyeball kid...
Thanks so much,

bivester (bill ivester) said...

very nice space. thanks for the effort and work, i will be visiting often.

much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Muchas Gracias Eyeball Kid!!! It is always a pleasure to have a site like yours, well done indeed. For me this was a huge treat (ATL and Music City), TW personifies what many artists and musicians around the world strive for, a balance of style and substance that can pay the bills. I am interested in art and music galleries in the US and Europe, as well as Latin and S. America that might cater to this "rare" aesthetic. If you are ever back in Atlanta check-out and feel free to drop me a line if you know of any spaces doing the realdeal

Thank you again Eyeball Kid and everyone that contributed to the Blog, wow, wow, wow!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Vatican is visiting this site. It's a little known fact. Everyone from Priests on up to Bishops and Cardinals know Waits is where it's at. They just can't talk about it in fear of accusations of sacrilege and blasphemy. It's kind of like hundreds of years ago Columbus and Newton knew the world was round, not flat, but couldn't say it out loud. This site gives them a chance to express their adulation and enjoyment of a transcendent artist whose music has risen. This site provides a safe, stimulating and comfortable sanctuary. A rumour that cant't be confirmed is that 'Chocolate Jesus' is always on the Popes' turntable.