Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dvd update

There is surfacing some more info about the new dvd I mentioned earlier, which seems to indicate this might be an official release after all. now has a title: Under review 1971-1982. And several other on line shops, such as Bensons World and Tesco, also list this product and Google comes up with more results.

No further details seem to be available yet, apart from the release date, which is said to be November 13.

Publisher Chrome Dreams Media does not have any info on its site, but is does have several other dvd's entitled Under review. These are all ,,documentaries'' about artists and bands such as Captain Beefheart, Kate Bush, The Smiths,...

(thanks to Phil)

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Martin Cowan said...

Chrome Dreams tend to publish (ahem) unofficial products, usually featureing no music. I believe they have a number of unofficial Dylan products in the racks. So guess this is likely to be more of the same.