Sunday, October 15, 2006

Road to peace for download

Pitchfork media has another track from Orphans for download: Road to peace


Wiolshit said...

I'd prefered this Road to Peace to the Day After Tomorrow... must be a Real Gone Outtake, or so something, because Tom is into Politicla intentions ever since Mule variations...

Unknown said...

Sorry for jumping into this so late.

The situation with Palestine and Israel has been going on since well before Real Gone came out. The lyric about it being an old man's war alludes to the fact that it's been going on for decades. But the song specifically states that Bush is "hungry for reelection" which places it in the 2000-2004 time frame. Real Gone came out in 2004.

So while it may not be a Real Gone outtake or whatever, it was almost certainly written in that time frame, or with that time frame in mind.