Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Orphans promo machine

I've been abroad a few days and in combination with a promotional machine that is going in overdrive, that means I've been missing a few things this week. So, I would like to thank everyone who took the trouble to mail me with bits of info. I haven't been able to answer every single one of you, but I can not stress enough how much I appreciate your help. This blog would not be what it is without your help.


In the latest edition of Uncut magazine Orphans gets a five star review. It also is ranked number 28 in the magazine's 50 best albums of the year. Mojo magazine and The Guardian also give the box set a 5 star review. The New York post gives it 4 stars, Q magazine only 3. Even the December issue of Reader's Digest mentions Orphans in their ,,5 Things We Don't Want You to Miss''' section: ,,On the three disc Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards, raw-voice iconoclast Tom Waits lets loose a batch of new tunes and rare gems that capture his love of American roots music.''


Another interview can be found in Harp Magazine. Or, for those of you who understand Italian, in La Repubblica. Dutch-speaking dogs should try and get their hands on the VPRO Gidsor Belgian newspaper De Morgen (Nov. 14) and magazine Humo.

Television appearances

Tom Waits also is scheduled to appear as a performer and guest on the Late Show with David Letterman (Monday, November 27), and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (Tuesday, November 28).

Audio downloads

AOL has also put up another few tracks for everyone to enjoy; an mp3 file of a live performance of Falling Down and streaming files of live performances of The EyeBall Kid, Make it rain and Sins of my father.

Radio station KCRW's ''Today's Top Tune'' will be Road to peace on Tuesday November 24. The song is featured for just 24 hours on KCRW, AOL and iTunes.

Breakfast, a radio show from the Australian station ABC Radio National has an an interview with Tom Waits on line (mp3).


Mahood said...

As much as one likes a good review, bad reviews are sometimes more interesting. A heretic speaks.


Wiolshit said...

If you'd read all over again, that's what I wrote on this bolg so far: it's a shame the reorchestrated the tracks, just to give the people who know them by heart already a modern vew... Modern means with not necessarly having a point.
My point is the same as this guy's.
It's like Cave's albums after And No more shall we part: once there's a name on it, you almost know how much you're going to sell of it. OK, maybe Tom Waits did keep the quality Cave'd lost... maybe.

Still it's weird to notice they both have reached a kind of End of one chapter since they signed at Anti's... those little punks think they own this world...

Wiolshit said...
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Wiolshit said...

Gee! "Tom Waits tourd a lot". That's sutipd... why he still does? come on!! The question should be : will he still tour? Besides he told a story he's been telling for years on stage, or shall I write from the stage...