Monday, April 27, 2009

Live recordings

I hope you all got your  vinyl single on Record Store Day

The 7'' with live tracks from the 2007 Glitter and Doom Tour features Lucinda/Ain’t Going Down to the Well (recorded in Atlanta GA) and Bottom of the World (recorded in Edinburgh, Scotland. There are plenty of bootlegs floating around the internet, but this is the first live recording released since Big Time in 1988.

Dutch online shop Platomania still has some copies, but it's not clear if they ship abroad. Should you know any other (online) shops that have copies available, feel free to use the comments to point us in the right direction. 

If that has wet your appetite, you might want to check out Amazon, which also lists two dvd's with live performances these days: Romeo Bleeding: Live from Austin (a  1978 live set) is "unavailable at this moment", but A Broken Heart DVD ( a "rare promo DVD of Tom Waits performing in the early part of his career. Fantastic performance in Germany 1977") seems to be in stock. As far as I know, neither are official releases. 


Mug Muggle Mu said...

Romeo Bleeding is definitely Austin City Limits which is available as a bootleg for free everywhere on the internet in varying quality (so, don't waste your money obviously).

Not sure what A Broken Heart is but I'm sure it's available on DIME or something under another name.

Unknown said...

A Broken Heart was a concert in the classic Rockpalast series on German Television. It may well be available on the internet

Dave said...

Does this suggest that there's a live album in the offing? Please??

M / E said...

"this is the first live recording released since Big Time in 1988"

I'm assuming you took this quote from the ANTI website. Apparently ANTI has forgotten that they released several live Tom Waits tracks on their 2007 "Healing the Divide" disc.