Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Live from Austin

I usually don't post about bootlegs: they are borderline legal (at best) and fans can find plenty of free alternatives online, so there's no need to give the money-grabbers any free publicity. 

However, the bootleg recording Romeo is bleeding - Live from Austin seems to be starting somewhat of a semi-official life. I reported about the Amazon dvd last week and now Vinyl Passion, a Dutch company, announced a vinyl release of the 1978 concert later this month.

(click on image for larger version)


DeGentseTheesociëteit said...

The cd is also available in regular cd shops (i saw that Bilbo (in belgium) got one in it's store in Ghent)

The Book Of Mikey said...

I also stand with the Kid that bootlegs are artistic poison.

BUT..I had to buy it.

and this dvd rules. that's it.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that it is practicaly the same setlist as the burma shave DVD.

Does anybody know if there is a difference ?

Zach said...

Why do you feel that bootlegs are artistic poison?
I thought bootlegs were free?

The Eyeball Kid said...

I don't think the bootlegs themselves are "poison", but the companies/people trying making money out of them are.

Zach said...

totally man.

Unknown said...

I've just bought my copy at my local recordstore. Don't know how the distribution outside the Netherland is but if someone has trouble getting it I could always send it to you.

you can contact me at


pcalv said...

As stefan asks earlier - does anyone know it the burma shave dvd and this one are the same? The setlist seems to be identical?

Johan said...

Well I got it for fathersday from my youngest (with a lil help from my gf) and it's really really good!