Monday, August 03, 2009

Corbijn book

Dutch photographer Anton Corbijn is publishing Tom Waits, a book with portraits 'interspersed by lyrics from major Waits albums'.

According to publisher Schirmer/Mosel the hardcover edition (21 x 28 cm) will count 160 pages with 75 colour and duotone plates and will be available on Monday 26 October, 2009.

Schirmer/Mosel charges €29,80, has no price listed yet.


Woodstock said...

This will be on my music room coffee table by November.


Kathleen said...

can't "wait"! Tom is always such an interesting photo subject.

Raindog Harry said...

For me, this is f*****g great news. I am a huge fan of Anton Corbijn, since years and years. And I am a huge fan of Tom Waits, since years and years and years. So, when I read this news, some weeks ago, I almost fainted. Well, this is exaggerating, but there is nothing wrong with exaggerating, once in a while. It is great, great news. Anton Corbijn is a very, very nice, modest and skilled man, who makes beautiful photographs since the early days when he started making photographs for Dutch music magazines. For years I have been trying to buy original work from the man, without success so far. So, the book will be a good alternative. Looking forward to it. Anton and Tom, a good match!!!

Raindog Harry

H.Gerber said...

Hey! So what happened? where is this book? eyeball kid, you gotta know something right? It's NOT out there for sale!
Someone fill me in at mrsgerber at