Friday, August 07, 2009

Official Tom Waits Flickr stream

The official has a Tom Waits page on picture sharing site Flickr. Check out the photographs by Michael O'Brien, Peter Anderson, Michale Putland, Henry Diltz, Anton Corbijn and plenty of others.

(Thanks to Judy K.)

UPDATE (Aug. 7): Photographer Vincenzo Cosenza doubts the 'official' character of this page, as he claims they use some of his pictures without permission (see his comment below)


vincos said...

Is it official ? Unfortunately they've stolen some pics of mine as you can see here

vincos said...

Thank you for highlighting my comment. Now I'm quite sure it's official 'cause some pics show EXIF data (metatags about camera, date, aperture,...)

I've sent an email to them via flickr, I'll keep you posted. Please support my cause if you can.