Saturday, September 19, 2009

Live LP

I've only just recovered from the news we can expect a new (vinyl) version of Orphans and here's another piece of interesting information: on his blog A Bucket of Ashes photographer Michael T. Regan announces Tom Waits will use five of his photographs to appear on the live album he's releasing this fall.
Tom Waits: Glitter & Doom Live is a collection of songs taken from his recent tour through the US and Europe. ANTI- records has informed me that one of the images will run as a full 12" panel on the inside of the gate fold LP jacket.
The shots are from a photo essay Regan did for Phawker.


jerseyraindog said...

Wow. That would be cool. But how does it fit in with that snippet about a new album later this year being written I suppose it was too good to be true...

Black Swede said...

Well, I think the release schedule for that new album would place it around April 2010. That's the way "Mule Variations", "Alice" & "Blood Money" were all done - recorded during the previous summer, released the coming spring.

This live LP is a bit of a surprise, but considering the astonishing musical quality of the "Glitter & Doom" tour, the concept has been on my wishlist for a while now. The right tracklisting will be crucial though... It would be best to concentrate on the final Dublin show of the tour and then add a few things from other dates.

The performance of "Circus" on the first night in Edinburgh was without a doubt the highlight of the whole tour and I certainly would also add the performance of "Big In Japan" in Columbus, it was a mesmerizing scene. But as a whole, the last Dublin show was the most remarkable performance I've ever heard.

Champion Sound Records said...

What a joy that would be, a new Live album from the Glitter and Doom tour, and on vinyl LP, hope its a double (or triple, well why the heck not, QUADRUPLE!!)vinyl.

We saw the first show in Edinburgh with 'Make it rain', 'Circus / Table Top Joe', 'Invitation To The Blues'( i hope there would be some old classics on the LP, as i remember this was amazing, and 'All The World Is Green' particurly superb.
by the way.. anybody know which night of the Edinburgh gigs the recent 7" of 'falling down' was from?

Black Swede said...

That's "Bottom Of The World" on the flipside of "Lucinda". It was recorded on the second night in Edinburgh.

In my opinion, that live single is a prime example of how NOT to do a compilation off the "Glitter & Doom" tour. "Lucinda" was the only piece of music that was performed every night on the tour and unfortunately the Atlanta performance, as nice as it is, isn't even in the top 20. And "Bottom Of The World", never really worked with the live arrangement like it does on "Orphans". So, the single is kind of OK instead of the masterpiece it could have been.

However, since these two particular tracks were chosen for the single, they're probably included on the upcoming live LP as well. It would be a shame... There's so much genuinely mind-bending stuff to choose from.

Black Swede said...

Having heard majority of the tour, here's MY CHOICE SELECTION for a "Glitter & Doom" live compilation. All performances mentioned below were life-altering. The following sequence would preserve the intro-piano set-finale-encore structure of the tour:

1. Lucinda / Ain’t Going Down To The Well [1.8.08 DUBLIN]
2. Rain Dogs / Russian Dance [1.8.08 DUBLIN]
3. The Cause Of It All / ‘Til The Money Runs Out [5.7.08 ATLANTA]
4. Get Behind The Mule [27.7.08 EDINBURGH]
5. Circus / Sous le ciel de Paris / Table-Top Joe [27.7.08 EDINBURGH]
6. Army Ants / Eyeball Kid [1.8.08 DUBLIN]

7. Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis [17.6.08 PHOENIX]
8. Invitation To The Blues [23.6.08 DALLAS]
9. Diamond In Your Mind [3.7.08 BIRMINGHAM]

10. Lie To Me [27.7.08 EDINBURGH]
11. Hoist That Rag [23.6.08 DALLAS]
12. Blue Valentines [1.8.08 DUBLIN]
13. Big In Japan [28.6.08 COLUMBUS]
14. Way Down In The Hole [1.8.08 DUBLIN]
15. Make It Rain [1.8.08 DUBLIN]

16. Singapore [23.6.08 DALLAS]
17. Heart Attack & Vine [31.7.08 DUBLIN]