Friday, September 03, 2010

Corbijn book (again)

I waited some time to post this, because it was announced - and postponed - more than once, but this time, it just might com true: the long-awaited Waits book by Dutch photographer Anton Corbijn.

From the Schirmer-Mosel site:
Tom Waits and Anton Corbijn are a perfect artist - artist match. Their 30-year collaboration now yields this book of ca. 200 portraits and a significant 48 page contribution of words and images by Tom Waits.

More details coming soon.

Expected publication date: October 2010
From the Schirmer-Mosel online book store (where it costs 75 euro):
{...} 160 pages, 75 colour and duotone plates, 21 x 28 cm, hardcover. still lists September 15, 2009 (!) as the release date but claims it is "Out of Print--Limited Availability".

Magazine Gaffa says the release of the book is to coincide with the premiere of Richard III, the play wich opens in Amsterdam in September. Some of the photos will be exhibited in the theater on that occasion, so the Danish magazine and record company ANTI announce.

(thanks to Judy, Anders, Stefan and Jarlath)

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Anonymous said...

If you go to the link you can purchase the book (a german bookstore i believe) credit card wouldn't work though, I could only get the transaction to work with my paypal account! Thirty dollar shipping, but I figure it will be well worth it!