Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Happy birthday

On December 7, 1949, Thomas Alan Waits was born to Jesse Frank Waits and Alma Johnson McMurray.


The Old Bald said...

Happy Birthday Tom. Have a good one!

stef said...

happy birthday Tom, enjoy!
keep up the good work

you're the best

Sabian Fluke said...

Here's to you Tom, happy birthday sir, hope to see you somewhere down the road!

Toni W said...

Looking forward to your new project, your poetry--at last. Have a beautiful birthday, Tom Waits, celebrating with your family. Thank you for all the music.

Raindog Harry said...

Dear Tom,

It is 0:01 hours over here in Holland, 8 December 2010. Which means that over here your birthday has finished, but in your country you still celebrate the day that you were born, sixty-one? years ago. I that hope you celebrate this day in the company of your loved ones, your wife and children, and maybe some good friends. For, however famous one can be, nothing beats the company of your loved ones, your family. All the best, from an old raindog in The Netherlands, who has been enjoying your music for more than 25 years now. I never get tired of the compositions and the lyrics of you and your wife, nor of your way of presenting them to us, through your concerts, your photographs, your press conferences, etcetera. To me, you are the greatest musician since Johann Sebastian Bach!

Keep the music alive, and keep giving us your poetry, your melancholy, your beauty and your love!

Raindog Harry

Sweeteyes said...

Sorry Raindog Harry - but I dont thing you have listened to enough Mr Waits - he is THE greatest musician FULL STOP.