Monday, January 03, 2011

What to expect in 2011?

I have no inside information about Waits' plans for 2011, so your guess is as good as mine. However, the beginning of another year is as good a time as any to speculate a bit.

The February edition of British music magazine Mojo has an item on artists due to return in 2011, one of which is Tom Waits.
"Tom Waits is working on a new album with his partner, Kathleen Brennan. Due in spring on Anti-, it will be Tom Waits' first studio album since 2004's Real Gone."
This seems to be in line with some earlier rumours and off-the-record comments. The possibility of a new album always starts rumours about an accompanying tour, but so far that is all they are: rumours.

What can we expect for sure? The vinyl re-issues of Closing Time, The Heart of Saturday Night, Nighthawks at the Diner and Small Change are hitting the streets as we speak. These 180g red vinyl pressings are limited to a 1.000 items per album, according to Kings Road Merch, so you might want to hurry if you are interested.

Those of you that are not so familiar with Waits' earlier work might check out Everybody's Dummy, a blog that has begun reviewing his albums.

The book Hard ground (March 2011) with some Waits poetry and the induction in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (March 14th, 2011) are nice to look forward to as well.

And then there is the illustrious Anton Corbijn picture book, which is now scheduled for June 2011.

UPDATE: I forgot about the collaboration with Robert Wilson for a play to be directed by Martin McDonagh.  (thanks to Stefan for reminding me)

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