Monday, February 07, 2011

For your library

A quick recap of what is going on as far as Waits books are concerned:

  • Hard Ground, a book with poetry by Tom Waits and pictures by Michael O’Brien depicting homelessness, is to be released in March 2011.

    Publisher University of Texas Press charges $40 (or $26,80 with the website discount) for this hard cover (184 pages) publication - has it at $26.40.
  • Both first and second editions of Seeds on Hard ground, the limited edtion chap book, are sold out, contributed to the nearly $90,000 raised for the Redwood Empire Food Bank, Sonoma County’s Homeless Referral Services, and Family Support Center.

  • Chicago review press is publishing Tom Waits on Tom Waits an 'autobiographical portrait', edited by Paul Maher, which 'takes shape through a selection of more than 50 interviews'. Publication date: August 1, 2011 - price: $19,95.

  • Waits-Corbijn The Anton Corbijn photo book from Schirmer-Mosel has been postponed a few times, but now looks set for 15th of June this year. This 252 page 'Collector's Edition' with 193 plates in colour and duotone and texts by Jim Jarmusch and Robert Christgau comes in a slipcase and is limited to 6,000 copies. It will cost 148€.

    If you think about buying this over at, be advised they still list two versions of this publication: the one originally announced for September 2009, which is 'out of print' (and probably will not ever be available) and the new one entitled Waits/Corbijn '77 - '11.
  • UPDATE (Feb. 8): Tom Waits in the Studio claims to explore 'the creative processes behind the writing and recording of career highs via interviews with engineers and producers and quoted commentary from Waits himself. This 300 pages paperback is due out o June 6, 2011.


Unknown said...

how can Schirmer-Mosel possibly justify a 276 page book costing 148 euros?

Unknown said...

and now it's 201 euros!

The Eyeball Kid said...
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The Eyeball Kid said...

@Henrik: where did you see that?

Unknown said...

Hm, that's really, really weird. i could swear, and i know i double checked, that yesterday it had jumped up to 201 euros on the Schirmer-Mosel website. i know this, 'cause i plotted it into my iphone currency converter. anyways, now it's 148 again. it's still a price i can't possible conceive!

bigshoulders said...

H.: I wonder if Amazon will ever get their ducks in a row with this listing for the Corbjin book. I'd rather avoid buying from the .de website, as I imagine shipping would be exorbitant.