Thursday, February 11, 2016

Another new song by Tom Waits: The soul of a man

You can listen to The soul of a man - another Blind Willy Johnson song sung by Tom Waits from the upcoming album God don't never change - over at Alligator Records' website.

From the liner notes:
The Soul Of A Man performed by Tom Waits
Tom Waits: Vocals • Casey Waits: Drums • Kathleen Brennan: Background Vocals
Produced by Tom Waits/Kathleen Brennan • Engineered by Karl Derfler • Production Coordinator: Jodie Wilson
Traditional: Blind Willie Johnson/Arranged by Tom Waits. © 2014 Jalma Music, ASCAP Tom Waits, Under License to Burning Rose Productions, Ltd.
Samples: Smith Casey “Country Rag (East Texas Rag)” from the John and Ruby Lomax Collection, American Folklife Center, Library of Congress. Used courtesy of Odyssey Productions, Inc.


Mikkel Stolt said...

Background vocals by Kathleen!? Isn't that a first?

mickdemaria said...

I was wondering that too, never heard of Kathleen singinf before.
Thanks so much for the news! ;)

RugglesTRP said...

'Background vocals by Kathleen!? Isn't that a first?'

I have a feeling it isn't...I'm convinced that she sings (uncredited) on at least one of his other songs...anyone care to take a guess?

Black Swede said...

Both "The Soul Of A Man" and "John The Revelator" are good versions of great songs. These two are also among maybe five best songs Blind Willie Johnson ever recorded, so the choices certainly are inspired.

The version of "John The Revelator" is the better of two, I think, because of the percussive metal stomp that gives the track its rhythm and because of the fleeting-like chimes that give it the airy feel to complement the stomp. The clang sounds like a shotgun!

Of course, "The Soul Of A Man" is a good exercise in using a sample this broadly and still portraying a feel of live guitar for the accompaniment.

Unknown said...

Kathleen sang backing vocals on "Pray" by The Book of Knots, which was included on the bonus disc of the vinyl box of Orphans

Mikkel Stolt said...

Thanks for the info, Larry, which of course reminds me that I don't have the vinyl edition and reminds me how much I hate those gimmicks - like the three extra songs on the extra cd of Bad as Me. Why not put it on the original - if it's good enough? It's not that there isn't room.

It may be valid business acumen but it's taking its toll on the dedicated fan. There, I said it :)

suekoi said...

Just a rendition, original artists is the best, anything else is a cheap copy

Anonymous said...

female voice was garbage