Thursday, March 02, 2017

Tom Waits in the NY Times

Tom Waits talks about 'artistic creation' and 'the creative impulse' in the New York Times.
‘I like the idea that there are things coming in through the window and through you and then down to the piano and out the window on the other side.’


Thedre said...

Thanks for the posting. Hopefully the story has a nice pic with it, as I'll be picking up the rag in a couple. I actually dreamed about Waits last night. And every time I do, it's like joining the circus. I guess in dreams you get to drive and sit in the passenger seat at the same time..

surfraptor said...

Cool pix check the TW FB page


essay best said...

I don't know who is Tom Waits, to get this post, I need to learn about him. Going to google it and listen his work, hope it will be good. Thank you for sharing this news though