Saturday, October 01, 2005


A lot of Waits-related sites link to this blog, but there are also lesser-known places that give people a push in this direction. Some examples:

  • Danny Hawaii
  • Slow Learner
  • Tongue-tied lightning
  • Squidia
  • The Kraken Times
  • Much Throwing About of Brains
  • Drunk on the moon
  • Random thoughts for random minds
  • The Saturday Boy
  • Jack's Photo Blog
  • Teonanacatl
  • Strange Uses
  • Natmandens Korridor
  • Bush vacationed, pople died
  • *|:-. Catmer.-:|*
  • Practical profanity
  • Bart's Blog

    BJN said...

    Thanks for the nod Eyeball........

    bigshoulders said...

    same for me... just discovered it this AM while i'm supposed to be at work. shh.