Tuesday, September 26, 2006

VRPO interview

Dutch broadcasting station VPRO has landed an interview with Tom Waits. A short intro has been posted on the VPRO website, the complete interview is to be broadcasted early november. The station also promises a radio broadcast on 3FM and a webcast on 3VOOR12 of ,,the music'' of Orphans a week before the box set's release (Nov. 20).

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Wiolshit said...

Just to let you know...

According to me, only 21 songs are new to Tom Waits fans. Let's see, let's check :

Lie To Me
Bottom Of The World
Road To Peace
You Can Never Hold Back Spring(unless one bought the OST)
Widow's Grove
Shiny Things (famous enough)
Fannin Street (covered)
If I Have To Go
Goodnight Irene(Hank Williams cover)
Danny Says
Young At Heart
Children's Story
Army Ants (Earth died screaming outtake)
Bone Chain
Two Sisters
First Kiss
Redrum (it’s an outtake one could read about in Mule variation conversation)
Spidey's Wild Ride