Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Bone machine vinyl

GEMM is offering what some some sellers claim to be Bone machine reissues on vinyl. Is this an illegal pressing, as I suspect, or have I missed something?


Unknown said...

i recently bought this via a distro i usally use for hardcore/punk music. it came brand new, so i figured something wasn't right. but it had all the same labelling stated over at tomwaitslibrary.com. i didn't ask any questions, i was just happy to own it on wax!

Unknown said...

I don't think these are 'real' reissues. I work in the music industry and we've seen nothing about a repress of this album, ever.
I"ve got an original, but a backup copy would be nice!

luke said...

if you look on ebay, you'll see import copies of Bone Machine on vinyl selling for 30 plus shipping. So this isn't that hard to believe.