Monday, January 03, 2011

The mystery of Tralee

A short documentary called Waits (in) love - a sort of hommage to Tom Waits' love of Tralee and his wife Kathleen Brennan - tries to shed some light on the Waits-Brennan wedding in Ireland. Everything in this video clip seems to be in the public domain and the outcome is rather surprising, so I hope you'll forgive me for posting some personal information this once.

(via Dermott)


Dr Pod said...

Shabby, very shabby. They spelt his name wrong and suggested, erroneously, that Linda Ronstadt is among those to have covered his songs. Otherwise, a pointless little film, whose main conclusion is that Tom and Kathleen didn't get married in Tralee. Hold the front page!

Thanks for the heads-ups, though, and the opportunity to slag it off. :-)

Rob Carr said...

I used to work with a fella called Fred Moynahan who met him around that time through a friend and Tom said to him he was actually on honeymoon at the time.I live in Tralee by the way!